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twinkle like an étoile

2 years ago, I wrote this post on my style basics and how I so wanted to fit-in in Paris. Yes I was il faut souffrir pour être belle – suffering to find my sense of style – I was 32, not aging particularly gracefully with a boyfriend much (ok 5 years) younger than me and far more fashionable. Looking back now all I can see now is remnants of my teenage years growing up in the 1990s – Gucci Rush? Spaghetti straps? Boyfriend jeans? Swing skirts and strapless tops? What was I, 16 years old still? 2 years ago it seems I had yet to grow up.

In 2013 I am a lot more savvy, a lot more ‘me’ I do not waste money on things that are not my style (ok I still do have rubbish in the bottom of the wardrobe but its usually a quality issue not a style one) Fashion wise, I now love blogger’s wish lists (I have found some gorgeous blouses through them) and I’ve now have a decent pair of shoes (or 4!) to go with a great outfit and I change my coat every year to suit the latest style.

I get to try out beauty routines thanks to Glossybox and Birchbox (my monthly treat) and recommendations of beauty bloggers and I have finally taken the advice of the sister-in-law to invest in some proper make up. Thanks to this I no longer look like a hobo 2 hours after I have left the house. No smudgy kohl to see here anymore!

In 2010 I declared that “fashion is something I love, my heart is in it, even if I never look it, but I am going to make it a bigger part of me. To bring out my confidence. My style”. In 2013 I think i’ve actually done just that:

My 2013 day is: ASOS Flats / See by Chloe platform boots / Hudson duffle boots / duffle coat / silk print blouses / fancy collars / cardigan / skinny jeans / coloured trousers / hobo bag (my Marc by Marc Jacobs <3)

Ribbet collage

Wish list Equipment zebra shirt / Asos Little Miss cat shoes / DVB jeans / Gloverall Duffle Coat

2013 Night: Skinny jeans (grey, blue or black) / knee high black boots / sharp shoe boots / loubis / Alice + Olivia sparkly dress / Sass & Bide off the shoulder number / black sheer top / statement tee or blouse / Diane Von Furstenberg clutch / skinny belts and big necklaces.

Ribbet collage 2

Wish list Alice + Olivia dress / Louboutins / DVF Bag / Necklace

…and 2013 is always: Very long dark hair / subtle lashes (don’t need no spider legs) / Estee Lauder Double Wear eyeliner / Aldi Foundation / Estee Lauder Bronzer /  D&G – The One / Dior – Miss Dior / Dermalogica / Taaj Himalaya Cleanser (recommended) / skin oils / hair oil.

What are your 2013 style essentials?

Mrs S x

p.s I’d welcome fashion / beauty blog links, which are your favourites? Plus online shops too!
p.p.s none of my links are affiliate x

a valentines day challenge from M&S – the dress

Over Valentines Day I took part in a M&S secret dress challenge where an anonymous blogger chose me a dress. I chose for Helen of The It Guide and I’m thrilled that she loves her dress, she looks great in it (maybe she will find her way over her now to find out that it was me!) and my secret blogger it seems was Take Courage – who received the exact same dress she sent me!

Now, let’s talk body shape. Not size, or weight or height. Instead, let’s talk about the times when you look in the mirror and smile at your reflection, as you’ve found the perfect dress, or flounce out of the changing room in despair. Trying on the dress chosen for me (very pretty and totally should have been my style) made me slump down on the bed in despair. What I should have been able to style into my usual rock chick look made me look mumsy at best and twice my usual size at worst.

I am a short apple shape, I have ample boobies, a rounded stomach (oh yes I eat all the pies) and happily slimmer hips (although mine can be pretty juicy in the wrong dress). Plus the shortness (I’m 4 foot 11) doesn’t help at all, as most dresses end at exactly the wrong place for me – the knees.

(On bad photos my shift-style wedding dress did not flatter my shape either. Thankfully I get to put the best pictures in the album)

So, sadly (sorry Take Courage) the dress had to go back, I didn’t even take a photo to show you – I felt that depressed. Luckily I was able to choose another, and happily when I was looking for Helen’s dress, this gorgeous Flamingo Print Skater Dress from the Limited Collection caught my eye. You must know by now how much I love my animal prints.

So, here you go, my photos are a little dark I’m afraid (I need to get the husband to start taking pictures for me) but you get the idea. I actually styled the dress with a big thick belt to give my waist a little more definition and to emphasise the oriental styling of the top and material (it’s silky and shiny) and with my Dune boots. It’s still so cold here!

The dress does need a cami-vest underneath as its so low cut, and it comes open, but I tend to wear my little pri-marni vests every day, so this was no hassle for me. It’s also a little longer on me than the model, but then everything usually is! I really like the dress, especially as I’m finding that this type of dress really suits me, I need a waist, a flirty skirt and lots of cleavage!

Now I just need a date night to get dressed up for!

Mrs S x

P.s apologies for the bad hair yesterday, I only discovered the Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer this morning. Today is a GOOD hair day.

a valentines day challenge from M&S

Halfway through my honeymoon I was merrily checking my emails (don’t ask, we’d driven a long way in bad weather to see penguins and looking at houses we couldn’t afford was much more interesting than traffic in the snow) when something interesting caught my eye…a Valentines Day challenge courtesy of Marks & Spencer.

Sounds’s generic, right? Actually, no, as this was to be a challenge with a difference, for M&S wanted us bloggers to help another bloggers celebrate Valentines Day – whether that is on a date or a girls lunch with lots of cocktails – by buying them a M&S dress to wear on the day… and I get a dress too!

Now i’m not allowed to tell you who my blogger is – it is a secret – but I had great time checking out her blog, although like last year when I took part in the MSM Secret Santa challenge (tough but fun) it did feel a bit stalker-ish and like I was checking her out. But I soon got over that, bring on the outfit posts! It turns out she’s rather a stylish lady; I want her hair, plus she has a great selection of bags! But style wise t seems that amongst a lot of classic outfits she occasionally has a thing for bright colours and always wears a lot of dresses! Should be easy then, but what to choose?

Well, she loves the M&S limited collection range so that was an obvious choice, but there were so many pretty options… the ditsy spotty number? The stripes? Actually it was obvious…With that love of colour, I’m sure she’d well and truly rock this dress!

M&S Dress

Well I hope she will anyways. Whilst I think it will suit her, you never actually a) know someone’s shape, b) their height or c) actual taste or d) actually what a dress online looks like in real life. She might hate it. Gah, it really does feel like I’m waiting for a date on valentines day, I’m so nervous to find out!

I’ll be posting about the dress I received later this week. Although checking out my secret blogger she didn’t buy my dress, so I am excited to find out who was actually chosen for me. Sadly I’m not getting taken out for valentines this year (sob) as well i’ve had plenty of wining and dining in the last two weeks and as much cheesy romance as a girl can take and a boy can give. I might however wear it to do the cooking (like a good wife, ha!) and if you are lucky I might even model it for you too!

Mrs S x

A rockin new year

So we arrive at my last blog of 2012 – and wow what a year it’s been, one of the best! I’ll be back properly in the new year but I just wanted to finish up with a #wiwt today post showing off my new shoes courtesy of Twynkle Loves and the Money Supermarket secret Santa- didn’t I do well?!

Admittedly I would never have chosen these heels for me, although I’m very glad that I got paired up with a stylish / fashion blogger as, well, I’m actually very pleased with them. The silver band across the toe works up a pair of nude stilettos into something a little more rocky. Of course I styled them in my monochrome rock chick manner with my mango jeans and new Brat and Susi butterfly top. I might not be able to walk in them yet, but I’m practising around the house before we head to the pub!

I hope you all have a fab NYE whatever you are up to. See you for more blogging in 2013!

Miss Sx

Hair today, sorted tomorrow?

Well, we made it to another Friday. Woo hoo. As you can probably tell, it’s been a busy week and my blogging schedule (and nablopomo) has gone completely out of the window, oops. Never mind, I wasn’t really into sicking up my soul everyday for 30 days anyways. Giving up is this blogger’s prerogative after all.

I’ve also been a little addicted to wiwt instead of blogging (I am avoiding instagram for this reason; too much social networking makes me a little screwy). I’ve been distracted by trying to find clothes to make me look half respectable everyday, and have been agonising over:

  • do my hips look round (they do)
  • why am I obsessed with tucking my tops in (I don’t know)
  • do I wear too many belts? (yes, and I destroy them weekly, normally while in the pub)
  • do I wear too much black (yes, I am wearing purple and cream today, but no one likes it so I might go back to black)

…and finally when the hell did my hair get so long?

It might look like I have a phobia of hairdressers by the length of my hair, and if you thought that, well, you’d be right. There is something excruciating about being pinned to a chair and having questions fired at you. Or the hairdresser not being able to get a brush through your mop. Or wincing at your split ends. Or just the dreaded question: when did you last get your hair cut? Er… about a year ago?


As anyone with long hair knows it takes a lot of work to not look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge. Take this week:

Photo 1: washed, conditioned twice, hair oil before drying, dry shampoo on the roots, 10 minutes of knot brushing and then tied up in a soft hair band to get to work. Looking good.

Photo 2: got out of bed late, dry shampoo, 5 minutes of brushing, pulling knots apart, a bit of hair spray. Hedge backwards.

See ? Photo 1 takes at least 20 minutes, photo 2, half that time.

Honestly I love my long hair, but I wish it didn’t take so long to sort! I really want to keep it long now (well until I get old to carry it off and then I shall dye it purple) and I know a good regular chop will help, but I need to get my products sorted. So I need a great conditioner (so i don’t have to condition twice every morning, plus possibly an intensive conditioner and the various hair oils I’ve tried really do work wonders, but I was hoping (please?) for some more advice. Moroccan oil substitutes welcome!

You folk with long hair, what products do you use to help your hair out along the way?

Miss S x

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